Here is some information from the organisers of the European Rogaining Champsionships to be held in Spain this August: 

We are glad to present you the 13th European Rogaining Championship 2016. Our clubs, CDNavarra and GOT, will organize this event with the support of Iberogaine (Spanish Rogaining Association) the 27th of August 2016 in the Aralar Mountain Range (or Sierra de Aralar/Aralarko Mendilerroa). The event centre will be located in Lekunberri (Navarre).

We have tried to offer you allways the best places in our region. For this date. we have reserved one of the most special areas. A moderate hilly to mountainous terrain ~100 km²… run insideforests of beech, pastures, karst terrain and  varying differences in steep slopes values from 100 to 600 m. The highest peak is Irumugarrieta 1430 m and the lowest area is around 550m. This mountainous environment provides a physically challenging terrain where minimised climbs and drops will be an important factor.

Every amateur to orienteering or the mountain is invited to take part on the event. You will have 24 hours to enjoy with your teammates this unique landscape resides Navarre and Basque Country.

Keep calm, we have thought on everybody!!! At the same time, we will organize the 7th Navarre Rogaing Championship, so you can feel the mountain during 6 hours.

 Come and try a new way to visit our regions, Navarre and Basque Country!! We are planning some activities during the week before the event, so you can Discovery our environment, culture and gastronomy.

 You can find all the information of the event at our website:  

Come on, get ready!!! The first registration wave ends the 29th of february 2016, 23:59

See you soon... Is there any better way to close the summer?

We are waiting for you!!!

Phase one of the entry process for WRC 2016 will commence on Friday 23 October. This is the opportunity when teams that have attained pre-qualified Entrant (PQE) status can use this to obtain preferential entry. Any team (with or without pre-qualification) wishing to participate in WRC 2016 Alice Springs is able to enter from 23 October 2015. Since the entry limit of 800 is likely to fill, it is to the competitor's advantage to enter as soon as possible.

Go to the World Championship website.

NSWRA hosted the 36th Australian Rogaining Championship and third Australasian Championship in Capertee National Park on 10-11 October 2015. Rob Preston and Damon Goerke won overall, reminiscent of their second in the Warrambungles WRC in 2006. This year, the top three teams were from the open category (non-veterans). Weather was warm with thunderstorms and refreshing rain on the first afternoon. Terrain varied from open and pleasant fields to prickly scub and tough rocky hills, rewarded by spectactular views. The rogaine will be uniquely remembered for its 11 hour night devoid of any moon.

Winners of the gender sections were:

  • Damon Goerke, Rob Preston (Vic), First Mens and overall
  • Tamsin Barnes (Qld), Thorlene Egerton (Vic), First Womens
  • Georgia Whitla, Greig Hamilton (New Zealand), First Mixed

The University Championship was won by Laure Gauthiez Putallaz and Wendy Emerton of ANU.

The results are available on the ARC website.

The 2015 Intervarsity Rogaining Championship will be held in conjunction with the Australian Rogaining Championships on the 10-11th October. The event location is Capertee National Park near Bathurst, NSW.


Australian University Sport has granted level 3 AUS sanctioning for the 2015 Intervarsity Rogaining Championships.

Each year The Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation (NAMSF) supports university students to enter the event. NAMSF was set up in memory of Nigel a keen adventure racer and rogainer, to encourage engagement in these outdoor sports. Details of NAMSF subsidies are available from your state association or the ARA.

The University Rogaining Championship is open to all university students (full-time, part-time, undergraduate, or post-graduate).


The 2015 World Championship has just been concluded in Finland on 22-23 August. There were 35 Australians competing in the first WRC above the arctic circle. The top placed teams overall were from Finland, Estonia and Russia. 
From the preliminary results, Australia's best include:

  • Julie Quinn, David Baldwin, 4th in Mixed Open and 2nd in Mixed Veterans
  • Richard Robinson, Vivienne Prince (NZ), 2nd Mixed Super Veterans
  • Robyn Spriggs, Sharon Crawford (USA), 2nd Women Ultra Veterans
  • Tim Dent, Rob Taylor, Graham Anderson, 3rd Men Ultra Veterans
  • Mike Hotchkis, Neil Hawthorne, 4th Men Super Veterans
  • Jean Douglass, Ron Simpson, 5th Mixed Super Veterans

Full results:

The 2015 Australasian Rogaining Championships "A Cross-Country Caper" will be hosted by NSWRA on 10-11 October 2015.
The weekend will include the Championship 24-hour, Intervarsity championships, plus a non-championship 8 hour event.

The event location is Capertee National Park, between Lithgow and Mudgee, 3.5 hours west from Sydney.

Course setters are Gill Fowler, Jess Baker, Ian and Robin Cameron with vetters Rob Vincent and Ian Dempsey.

For all the details and to enter please go to: