The International Rogaining Federation (IRF) is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced rogainers to act as the IRF Event Adviser for the 2019 and/or 2020 World Rogaining Championships (WRC).

The 2019 WRC will be held in the Pyrenees mountains straddling the border of Spain (Catalonia) and France on 27th and 28th July 2019. It is expected that the IRF Event Adviser will be required to spend up to two weeks in the area at some time during the Northern Hemisphere summer of 2018 (June to September)

The 2020 WRC will be held in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California east of San Francisco on 1st and 2nd August 2020. It is expected that the IRF Event Adviser will be required to spend up to two weeks in the area at some time during the Northern Hemisphere summer of 2019 (June to September) and a further period on site 1 to 3 months ahead of the WRC in 2020. This second visit is expected to be warranted due to the potential impact of heavy snow falls on the heavily wooded event site during the winter of 2019/2020.

The role of the IRF WRC Event Adviser is set out in the IRF’s WRC Host Agreement which states:

The IRF shall appoint a WRC Event Adviser, who is not a citizen or resident of the WRC Host nation, for the WRC. This Event Adviser shall act as the IRF’s representative in directly overviewing the conduct of the WRC and shall act with the authority of the IRF WRC Manager in this regard.

The WRC Host shall cooperate fully with the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser including providing them in a timely manner with any and all technical and administrative data that they reasonably request. This shall include the WRC map and course at appropriate stages during their development. The WRC Host shall address all comments and concerns reasonably raised by the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser.

Where the WRC Host and the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser are unable to reach agreement on any matter the following resolution shall be applied:

a.       In respect of technical matters the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser shall be the final authority

b.       In respect of all other matters the issue shall be referred to the IRF WRC Manager for direction

For the purpose of this clause technical matters include:

·       Mapping, map preparation, map scale, contour interval, map standards, checkpoint marking and map printing, including the material on which the map is printed

·       Course setting including; course design, checkpoint locations, checkpoint descriptions, points allocation to checkpoints and water point locations and distribution

·       Safety management planning and implementation

·       Checkpoint recording, event management and scoring system(s)

The IRF’s WRC Event Adviser shall determine if they, or their representative, require to visit the WRC location ahead of the event in order to verify checkpoint locations and/or other aspects of the WRC. Should such a visit be considered appropriate by the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser the WRC Host will coordinate the timing of this visit to ensure that it is suitable for all parties and occurs sufficiently in advance of the WRC to allow any required adjustments to be implemented. The WRC Host is responsible for providing local (to the event site) transport and accommodation for the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser or their representative for any such visit. All other costs associated with the visit are the responsibility of the IRF.

Notwithstanding the involvement of the IRF’s WRC Event Adviser and the IRF WRC Manager the WRC Host remains solely responsible for the successful conduct of the WRC. Should the WRC Host consider at any time that direction by the IRF WRC Manager or IRF’s WRC Event Adviser could jeopardise this success they shall immediately refer their concerns to the IRF President in writing.

It is critically important that anyone taking the role of IRF Event Adviser be a highly experienced rogainer, rogaine event organiser and course setter. It is equally as important that they be able to work collaboratively and cooperatively with the WRC organising team and achieve success through influence rather than direction wherever practical. They should also have experience in working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

For the 2019 WRC it would be extremely valuable if the Event Adviser had Spanish language skills to assist to minimise risk of mis-communication.

Economy class return air travel will be provided from the Event Adviser’s nearest capital city to an airport agreed with the relevant WRC Host. If the Event Adviser wishes to combine their visit to the WRC event location with other personal travel this will be able to be accommodated. The WRC Host will provide all required ground transport and accommodation at the WRC event site.

The IRF WRC Event Adviser role is critical to the success of the WRCs. Anyone who may be interested in taking one or both of these roles, or just in finding out more about them, is urged to contact IRF President, Richard Robinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on +61407 880 681