Most artifacts from the first official Intervarsity in 1969 have survived, due to the meticulous record keeping by MUMC Historian David Hogg and the Victorian Rogaining Association (VRA) archives setup and managed by Chris Solnordal.

The Intervarsity course was set on the Daylesford 1 inch to 1 mile scale (1:63,360) topographic map.

The course consisted of 25 controls, separate Start (S) and Finish (F), plus 3 Hash Houses. The map can be read in conjunction with the control descriptions and event information: page 1, page 2, page 3.

Details of the Intervarsity event invitation and planned program, the entry form, and directions to the event.

The Mountaineer (MUMC magazine), from July 1969 provides a brief insight of the weekend:
The first official Intervarsity 24 Hour Walk was held in the Trentham - Blackwood - Daylesford area on May 31st-June 1st. The adverse weather conditions which prevailed for most of the weekend undoubtedly dampened the enthusiasm of the competitors and increased the time spent at hash houses, particularly at the University's "Hillside" cottage at Blackwood. Two representatives of the Melbourne team, Ron Frederick and Bob McNaught, survived to the finish to win the men's section; the other members, Tony Kerr and Geoff Fagan having retired to the comfort of the hash houses.

The Melbourne women's team Rosalie Lahore, Joan Holroyd, Annabelle Roth and Judy Whitaker enjoyed breakfast with the Kyneton Shire President after sleeping part of the night in his haystack and finished second to the Monash girls.

Ron Frederick was it top form that year, winning Intervarsity, the MUMC mid-winter 24 hour, and the first "classic" orienteering event in August. He is still very active in rogaining today as VRA Vice President, competing in the Ultra Veteran's class, and organising rogaining and orienteering events.

The Organiser's Report provides a comprehensive summary of the event, providing the knowledge and key information (such as course setting and catering) for the organisers of the Intervarsity to follow in subsequent years. The organisers report: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5.

Subsequently, David Hogg outlined the significance of these developments for Australian orienteering (and rogaining) in the University magazine Farago.

Rogaining Tasmania is excited to announce that the venue for the 2019 Australasian Rogaining Championships is St Helens, Tasmania. The event will be held on the weekend of 9-10 November, 2019. This fantastic rogaining area has terrain ranging from steep areas with extensive granite outcropping to flatter, more subtle terrain that was historically utilised for tin mining. The map includes the sleepy coastal township of Binalong Bay and the world famous "Bay of Fires" area, a mecca for travellers who love the outdoors. The ARC website is now open for entries.

The Australian University Championship for 2019 will be held in conjunction with the ACT State Championship. The date is 18-19 May 2019.
This is the 50th anniversary of the Intervarsity, which began with the first official competition on 31 May 1969 in Victoria.
The rules for the Intervarsity, originally called the 24 Hour Orienteering Contest were the basis for the sport of rogaining established in 1976.

The 2019 World Rogaining Championship (WRC), will be organised by the Iberogaine Association of Spain, on 27-28 July. The event is centred on two of Catalunya's top ski resorts: La Molina and Masella, with the competition area straddling the Spain/France border in the Pyrenees Mountains.
The combination of high altitude, steep slopes and 40% open terrain will be very different from any previous WRC. Currently 49 Australians have entered.
The event website for WRC2019 is:

QRA hosted the 39th Australian Rogaining Championship near Manumbar on 25-26 August 2018. Terrain was dry open undulating farmland with route choices around a number of out-of-bounds areas. The All Night Cafe was superb. Expected rain held off until the last few hours of the event.

The leaders were very close with the top 4 teams separated by only 110 points. This year, the visting Kiwis were off the pace. Winners of the open categories were:

  • David Symons, Paul Williams (WA): First Men
  • David Baldwin (ACT), Julie Quinn (ACT), Jackson Bursill (ACT): First Mixed
  • Tamsin Barnes (Qld), Thor Egerton (Vic): First Women

The Intervarsity Championship was won by Fergus Macleod and Emily Rowbotham from ANU, who came 7th overall. The Interstate challenge was won by NSW in a tight contest ahead of ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland.

The full results are now available on the ARC 2018 website.

Entries are now open at We decided to extend the period for early bird entries - now closing on 30 April. Act fast - last chance!

We're expecting this event to be the biggest rogaine ever held in South East Queensland, so make sure you don't miss out on the fun. Rogainers of all abilities are welcome, and remember that although it is a 24hr event that doesn't mean you have to stay out on the course for the full 24 hours. There will be an All Night Cafe out on the course for you to refuel and re-energise, and you can always come back in to the Hash House for a feed and/or a snooze, and perhaps a red wine by the fire!

Intervarsity Championships

The 2018 Intervarsity Rogaining Championships will be held in conjunction with the ARC, so if you are a university student (or you know some uni students who would be interested) please check out this page for information. There are travel subsidies available from all states and territories in Australia - please contact your local rogaining Association to find out how to apply.

Accommodation Options

There is a new page on the ARC website with some information on accommodation options before and after the event. We are working on arranging some billeting through our local QRA member network - if you are interested in this option (either as a host or a guest) please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Shirts, leg and arm warmers are available to order on the ARC website, you can choose to pick up the items you order at the event (the 'Group Shipping' option) or you can pay extra to get them delivered straight to you. We are doing a series of batches so if you are keen to get your gear early, it will be shipped to you within a month or so. Click here for information. We also have a limited number of high quality compasses for sale which you can order when you enter the event.

Other Information

Information on travel to and from the event and other things to do while you're in SEQ is available on the event website.

Spread the word!

Please spread the word about this event within your networks. If you are bringing along friends and family who aren't competing why not encourage them to volunteer to help out? Remember, this event is not just for elites, everyone is welcome to participate.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to seeing you in SE Qld in August.