Phillip Gatt and Sarah Buckerfield from Australian National University won the 2011 University Rogaining Championship near Perth on 13/14 August 2011. They were also first mixed team and fifth placed overall. University teams competed from Tasmania, Queensland, NSW, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia. The event was held in conjunction with the "Schulstaad Waltz" Western Australian Rogaining Championships.

The standard of the university competition was high. The event was tough: it rained quite heavily from dusk to dawn. The subtle features and 5 metre contours meant that the navigation was a suitable challenge. Results and picture ....

The 2011 University Rogaining Championship will be held in conjunction with the Western Australia Rogaining Championships on the 13-14th August. It promises to be a great event, 80 km southeast of Perth in gently rolling, moderately open bushland.

Each year The Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation (NAMSF) supports university students to enter the event. NAMSF will cover travel expenses for one team for each state and also the entry cost for all full time students over 16 years. NAMSF was set up in memory of Nigel a keen adventure racer and rogainer, to encourage engagement in these outdoor sports.

The University Rogaining Championship is open to all university students. If you are a university student (full-time, part-time, undergraduate, or post-graduate) you can enter the event. To apply for the grant, contact your state/territory association.

Gill Fowler, University Coordinator

The ARA has been allocated six team wildcard entries that are available to assist ARA members to participate in the 2012 World Rogaining Championships (WRC). It is intended that the ARA award these wildcard entries to teams meeting one or more of the following guidelines:

  • The team has demonstrated through rogaining competition that they could be expected to perform well within the WRC competition
  • The team has just changed age grades and would be competitive in the new grade.
  • The team has recent rogaining experience and has demonstrated through competition in other endurance, navigation based competition that they could be expected to perform well within the WRC competition
  • The team is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated very strong commitment to and support for rogaining in Australia through administration of the sport and/or organisation of rogaining events and would be expected to continue to do so.

Applications must be submitted by 29 February 2012, details here...

The 2010 Australian University Rogaining Championships will be held in conjunction with the Victorian Rogaining Championships on 18-19 September.
The Nigel Aylott Memorial Sporting Foundation (NAMSF) will again be paying a generous subsidy to cover the travel and entry costs for one team from each state. If you wish to apply, please check with your state association.
In addition, all full-time students aged 16 and over will be eligible for their entry fee to be reimbursed by NAMSF.

Rogaining Tasmania is proud to host the 2011 Australian Rogaining Championships. They will be held in the northern midlands of Tasmania with the Hash House being approximately one hour from Launceston and two hours from Hobart. Entries are now open with transport options from Launceston.

The terrain will be a mixture of open plains (farmland) and steeper lightly wooded hills. Many gullies have thicker vegetation lowering visibility.
Courses will be set by experienced rogainers John Brock, Darryl Smith, Karen Pedley and Nigel Davies.


2009 Australian University Championship

1-2 August 2009

The ACT Rogaining Association hosted the 2009 University Championship on the NSW south coast near Narooma.

University teams competed for the Nigel Aylott Australian University Championship. The Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Fund (NAMSF) sponsored one university team from each state to attend the event. In addition NAMSF paid the entry fee for all student participants (full-time, part-time, under graduate, post graduate or senior high school).

Results are available for the 3rd Nigel Aylott University Championship.
Full results for the event on the ACTRA website.