Wildcard Entries for 2012 World Rogaining Championships

The ARA has been allocated six team wildcard entries that are available to assist ARA members to participate in the 2012 World Rogaining Championships (WRC) who did not achieve entry to the event through the entry process in Phases One or Two.

NOTE: At least one team member must be a member of an ARA affiliated State Association. It is intended that the ARA award these wildcard entries to teams meeting one or more of the following guidelines:

  • The team has demonstrated through rogaining competition that they could be expected to perform well within the WRC competition
  • The team has just changed age grades and would be competitive in the new grade.
  • The team has recent rogaining experience and has demonstrated through competition in other endurance, navigation based competition that they could be expected to perform well within the WRC competition
  • The team is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated very strong commitment to and support for rogaining in Australia through administration of the sport and/or organisation of rogaining events and would be expected to continue to do so.

The process for application for and allocation of the available ARA wildcard entries is as follows:

  1. Teams wishing to apply shall do so in writing to the ARA Secretary stating the names of all proposed team members, contact details, state affiliation, competition category, and setting out in detail the basis on which you apply for wildcard selection.
  2. Applications will be accepted only between 31 January 2012 and 29 February 2012
  3. Applications shall be assessed by the ARA Executive who shall consult other ARA members as they deem necessary in order to verify and/or otherwise assess the applications
  4. The Executive shall advise not later than 15 March 2012 the names of the teams/team members who have been successful in their application but shall not be required to provide any commentary regarding the applications or assessment process
  5. There is no appeal process available to unsuccessful applicants
  6. Should there be less than six meritorious applications, as assessed by the ARA Executive, received by 29 February 2012 the unallocated places shall remain available and teams meeting the criteria above are encouraged to apply and will be assessed by the ARA Executive on their merits. Any unallocated places remaining at 31 May 2012 will be forfeited.

David Rowlands
Secretary, Australian Rogaining Association