The Interstate Challenge Trophy rules were incorporated into the ARA Rules and Standards in 2012.

The competition was revised in 2019 to include New Zealand and adjust the rules for inclusion of categories where only one jurisdiction is represented. It is now known as the Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge.

  1. C9. Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge Trophy

a)  Each team entering shall nominate for each member the Australian state/territory or other country that that member is representing. This shall be included in the results and used for Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge point scoring.

b)  Placings in each of the categories in C6 for mens, womens and mixed may earn points toward a jurisdiction’s Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge score.

c)  For the purposes of determining placings in the Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge, any team that does not contain an Australian state/territory representative or a representative of New Zealand should first be removed from the results table. In the text below, ‘jurisdiction’ refers to the state or territory the competitor is representing, or New Zealand in the case of members who identify themselves as representing New Zealand. The ‘hosting jurisdiction’ is the home state/territory of the association that is organising the Australian Championships in that year. Points should be awarded as follows:-

i) If only the hosting jurisdiction is represented in a category, then no points will be awarded in that category.

ii) If only one team is genuinely participating in a category and i) does not apply, then

        • First place scores one point
  1. iii) If only two teams are genuinely participating in a category and i) does not apply, then
        • First place scores two points
        • Second place scores one point

        iv) Otherwise,

        • First place scores three points
        • Second place scores two points
        • Third place scores one point

d)  If a team has representatives from more than one jurisdiction, the points scored by that team shall be shared proportionally among the team members’ jurisdictions. (e.g. If a team consisting of two Queenslanders and a Tasmanian win a category, then two points are awarded to Queensland and one point is awarded to Tasmania.)

e)  If a team has both Australian/NZ members and members from other countries, the points scored by that team shall be shared as in item (d), but with no points being allocated to the competitor(s) that are not from Australia/NZ. (e.g. If a team consisting of a Victorian, a New Zealander and a Canadian win a category, then 1 point is awarded to Victoria and 1 point to New Zealand.)

f)  A team scores Interstate and Trans-Tasman Challenge points in every age category for which they are eligible.