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Sun, Apr 19th, 2015, @8:00am - 05:00PM
Autumn night/day 6 hour (ACT)
Sun, Apr 19th, 2015, @10:00am - 04:00PM
2x 6 hour rogaine (Vic)
Sat, Apr 25th, 2015
Rogue24 Adventuregaine (SE Qld)
Sat, May 2nd, 2015, @12:00am - 12:00PM
Autumn 6/12 hour (NSW)
Sat, May 2nd, 2015
State Championship 24 hour (SA)
Sat, May 2nd, 2015, @10:00am - 10:00PM
Autumn 12 hour & Cadet Challenge (WA)
Sun, May 17th, 2015
3/6 hour rogaine (Nth Qld)
WRC 2016 entry for Australia/New Zealand Rogainers

The WRC Organising Committee have provided preliminary information on the entry process for those planning to enter the 2016 World Championships in Central Australia. Entries will open in October and are limited to 800 persons. Since the event is very likely to be over-subscribed, it is important to understand how to qualify as a Pre-Qualified Entrant. The key message is to enter early!
Follow this link to the WRC 2016 Broadcast to ANZ Rogainers.pdf

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2015 )
Australasian Championship 2015

The Australasian Championship for 2015 will be on 10-11 October, hosted by the New South Wales Rogaining Association. The event location is Capertee National Park, between Lithgow and Mudgee, 3.5 hours west from Sydney.

Course setters are Gill Fowler, Jess Baker, Ian and Robin Cameron with vetters Rob Vincent and Ian Dempsey.

The event website is: http://arc2015.nswrogaining.org

Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 February 2015 )
Mapping Data for World Rogaining Championships 2016

When the ARA went to source the mapping data for WRC2016 from the NT Government we discovered that the data had been misplaced and was unable to be found. After 6+ months of fruitless exchange we decided that we would need to capture a new suite of data for the event.

We have just now received the mapping data for WRC2016 including: aerial photography, digital elevation model and a contour maps with 2 metre contour interval. The data is brilliant and will allow us to have a sensational, accurate and fully up-to-date map for the event. It will also be able to be used for event promotion purposes.

The data was captured and processed in November by Aerometrex Pty Ltd (www.aerometrex.com.au) at well below the commercial cost as a contribution to the event.

Aerometrex is an aerial photography, remote imaging, mapping and modelling company based in Adelaide but operating across Australia and beyond.

Without the generous support of Aerometrex we would have struggled to get the level of data that a WRC truly deserves and the ARA are extremely appreciative of this generosity. We of course want to support those who support us and thus we ask that any rogainers who may have need in their broader lives of the types of services that Aerometrex provide that they give an opportunity to those who have so willingly supported our sport.

Richard Robinson
on behalf of the WRC2016 Team

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 November 2014 )
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